My Son Lost His Kitten Today

My son lost his kitten today and it broke his heart. He called me at work bawling his eyes out as my wife and the kids walked up and down the street calling the kittens name. But the kitten never answered.  The kitten would sit by the sliding door that goes out to the back yard, dreaming of being free. It would wait patiently, biding its time until someone made the mistake of leaving the door open and unguarded for a little too long.  I never thought he would go too far whenever he got loose. For him the challenge of escaping seemed to be enough of a prize. He had escaped a couple of times before without venturing further than the back deck. He knew how good he had it on the inside.  It killed me not to be able to leave work early and help my son look for his cat. My sons frantic and sorrow filled calls tore me up because I couldn't be there for him.  For the rest of the day my son wouldn't eat and he held his breath for long periods if time, just wanting to die. He felt like he betrayed his kitty. He was responsible for him and let something bad happen, and for that my son would never forgive himself.  My wife told him that his kitten had been born into this world as a wild stray and he wanted to be free. Thats why he was so wild inside the house and always seemed to be plotting his freedom.   That stopped my sons crying and the holding if his breath but I suspect the deep sadness in his heart would take a lot longer to disappear.  At the end of the day I raced home just wanting to hug my son long and hard. I ran open the front walk and threw open the door. My son came running around the corner of the hallway leading to the living room where I was standing.  In slow motion my son tossed his kitten to me and a beaming smile filled his entire face. The kitten with its legs extended toward me and his claws fully exposed, wrapped itself around my throat.  Long red raw streaks ran down the length if my neck, and as the collar of my shirt began to soak with blood I said to my son, "I guess you found your kitten."

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