A Box of Tampons

I just bought a multipack box of tampons for my wife who is down to the last bullet in her chamber. I ran to my car as the lightening ripped holes in the sky, and the rain soaked me through to my skivvies, but the white sheets and bedding will thank me in the morning.

I stood in line for longer than I should have at the food store while the woman in front of me fumbled for change, re-bagged her groceries according to color and then chatted with a neighbor. I got a little impatient while waiting, so I spun the box on my finger like a seal spins a ball on its nose, and then tapped out rhythms on it in between spins.

The cashier finally rang me up and asked me if I wanted a bag, and all I could think to say was something stupid I thought of while bored and waiting in line, "no thanks I'll eat them here."

It takes a real man to buy his wife tampons and act like they're nothing more than a bag of potato chips….a real stupid man.

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